Ghanaian young rich boy, Big Doe accused of sacrificing his eye for Sakawa


Popular Ghanaian rich young man, AMG Benjamin aka Big Doe has been accused of sacrificing one of his eyes to be the rich.

According to critics, Big Doe was a healthy and complete man in every way when he was broke and had nothing to his name.

About a year ago, it was reported that, Benjamin vanished and surfaced a few weeks later with more cash than anyone could imagine.

AMG Benjamin bought expensive cars, lived in huge mansion and became famous in tight circles. He was accepted in the AMG business group, a well known group only for the rich and famous, own bed Criss Waddle and Medikal.

But one sad thing is, Big Doe came back with only one eye. His left eye had been spoil and was closed. Till today, Big Doe has not given any reasonable answer to how he lost his eyes.


Although the rumors that he sacrificed his eye to be rich has been going on  for months, nobody has really come out to question him until he personally asked members of a Facebook group what they think about him.

Big Doe is yet to react to the speculations. is monitoring and we will keep you updated when he finally explains how he lost his eye.


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