Villagers banished man for impregnating daughter twice in Anambra (photos)


Okofia Otolo Nnewi, residents in Anambra state have banished of one of their own a man in his 60s for reportedly committing incest with his daughter and impregnating her twice.

A Facebook user who shared the story, the elderly man who is allegedly from Okija in Ihiala Local Government Area had palm fronds tied on his neck. His daughter who was carrying a baby also as a result of sleeping with her father also had palm fronds tied on her leg to show that they they both committed a taboo.

The father and daughter were then  led to a waiting bus where all their property were packed in by the community members.

Facebook user, Okoro Abraham who shared the photos wrote;


“Happening now at Okofia Otolo Nnewi, the location of the unizik college of health. This man from Okija impregnated his own daughter for the second time, now they are asked to leave Nnewi.”

Here are more photos below;


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