Most pastors are no longer doing the will of God – converted Christian Lady claims

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Often time people change their way of life when they go through certain experiences in life they think it’s unbearable. Change may come when one’s perception about something suits their lifestyle.


Borrowing this sense into the religious terrain, the majority joins religions they deem right with them. Before one can fully accept to be a part of a particular religion, he/she might have taken time to know the runnings of that religion.

Well, in the case of one Nigerian Lady has converted from a Christian to becoming a Muslim. Her reasons are that most pastors are no more doing the will of God wholeheartedly and it’s not right. Another reason she left the church she was attending and converted to a Muslim was because they were extorting money from members in the name of offering and tithe.


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“We would usually go for four to five different types of offering and at the end, I will end up walking home. It’s not right”. She said.

There was the general offering, the free-will offering, the offering for the less privileged, offering for diesel to power church generator and so on and I was fed up. The lady cried out.

She further stated that she converted to become a Muslim because they don’t pay unnecessary tithes and offerings. She’s just tired of giving too much lol!.


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