Kylie Jenner moves to trademark ‘Kylie Body’ and ‘Kylie Body By Kylie Jenner’

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Billionaire reality star and entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner,  has proven herself, once again, to be an aggressive marketer.

The cosmetics mogul, 22, used Valentine’s Day to trademark the phrases: ‘Kylie Body’ and ‘Kylie Body By Kylie Jenner,’ according to new legal documents obtained by TMZ.

The mother-of-one  star has made a habit of going on trademark filing flurries in the recent past that included ‘rise and shine,’ a line that inspired countless memes in October 2019 when a video of Jenner singing the phrase to daughter, Stormi, went viral.

Just weeks ago, Jenner filed three more trademarks — Kylie Con,’ Kylie Kon,’ and Kylie Museum — on January 9.

Other in the past include ‘Kylie Baby’ and ‘Kylie Hair.’ and Kendall Jenner ‘are being sued for using another…

As of a January 16th publication by Forbes, the young billionaire entrepreneur had registered about 130 trademarks.

Not all of her trademark ideas have worked out, which was the case when she lost out on a battle with Australian singer Kylie Minogue over trademarking their shared first name.

Jenner reportedly is planning out live events, including conventions, based around her wildly successful cosmetics, beauty products, clothing and handbag lines.

The filings were first reported by Washington D.C.–based trademark lawyer Josh Gerben on Twitter, who was not involved in the filings.



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