Father mercilessly beats his secondary school daughter after he saw her kissing a male colleague in the streets


The rate at which immorality on the part of the secondary School students is progressively gaining ground in schools is very alarming. For some time now, they have always given us something to talk about


Twerking, kissing, caressing themselves as well as using vulgar languages  has been the order of the day as if those are included in their new syllabus used to teach.

In a new video sighted, two students could be seen in a romantic way as the girl locked lips with her colleague(boy) beside a car on the streets during school hours.

Unfortunately for the girl, her father surprisingly was passing by the school’s area and saw her seriously kissing and caressing her colleague.

The man livid with anger rushed to the scene and immediately dished out his belt to mercilessly beat his daughter. The boy, on the other hand, took to his heels after sensing danger.

Without mercy, the man whipped his daughter in front of the public as he dragged her home.

This is coming few days after a disturbing video of some female secondary school student giving her male colleague a lap dance in class while other students cheered them on was shared online.  Read and watch video here.


Watch the video:


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