27 Iranians died after excessively taking alcohol to prevent infection of coronavirus

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Since the outbreak of the global pandemic,  coronavirus (CODVID-19) in Iran, rumors and unscientific treatments on how to fight the virus has spread on social media, among them was drinking alcohol.

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While the official number of confirmed coronavirus infections in the province of Khuzestan is 73, at least 218 Iranians have been hospitalized from excessive alcohol intake in the medical centers affiliated with Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences.


Iran has been hit hardest in the Middle East by the coronavirus (CODVID-19). The official number of infected patients until Monday was 7,161 — 237 have died and 2,394 have recovered, a health ministry spokesman said according to the Fars News Agency.

The outbreak of the coronavirus in Iran is one of the deadliest outside China, where the disease originated.


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