Coronavirus: British Airways Pilot out of work turns delivery driver


A British Airways pilot who became jobless due to the out break of the global  coronavirus pandemic has started a new job as a Tesco delivery driver.

Peter Login was saluted for his temporary change of career as he ditched Boeing 747s for a Mercedes Sprinter to drop off food to Britons in coronavirus lockdown.

Recall that British Airways  has grounded all flights at Gatwick and dramatically cut its services at Heathrow, while pilots have been hit with a 50% pay cut for three months and told to take two weeks of unpaid leave in both April and May.

Mr Login tweeted: ‘@British-Airways 747 keys hung up for a while. Back in the cockpit with @Tesco.’

Friends were quick to praise him, including Brad Tate, who wrote: ‘Shows a lot of character, Peter. I hope you’re back on the flight deck soon.’

Stu Whiteman said: ‘What an absolute superstar you are. That dogged spirit & can-do, will-do attitude will get us through this, yours is such a great example.

‘For everyone else, it’s simple; either help the nation by doing the Key Work required, or stay at Home. Nothing else, just one of those two!’

It is the second time Mr Login has found himself out of work in a matter of months.


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