ACF slams Northern govs over clumsy implementation of Almajiris’ evacuation

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The apex northern socio-political organisation, the ACF, on Wednesday said it agreed with the decision of the northern governors to repatriate Almajiris to their states of origin.

The National Publicity Secretary of the ACF, Emmanuel Yawe,  who spoke with Punchng on the telephone in Kaduna, however, faulted the implementation of the decision by the governors.

Yawe said the Almajirai menace was retrogressive and completely at variance with development, adding that the implementation of the repatriation implementation was clumsy and uncoordinated.


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He said, “The decision of repatriating Almajirai to their states was taken by the Northern Governors’  Forum and we have no quarrel with that because we don’t believe in the Almajirai system.

“It is a retrogressive system. We don’t believe in it at all. It is against the human development of the north and the development of the country. So, the ACF is against the Almajiri system.

“So, the decision of the governors to take them to their states of origin to find their families, we totally agree with it. This is because if somebody has given birth to a child, he should be in the position to look after that child and not to throw the child onto the streets.

“We support that decision. But the only problem is with the implementation. The implementation is very clumsy and the governors should sit up and implement it in a proper way.

“They (governors) are implementing it haphazardly. It is not properly implemented. You can’t just carry the Almajirai in your(one) state and without proper coordination with another state and go and drop them in another state and go away.”

The forum spokesman noted that the implication of the northern governors not properly implementing the policy, would force the children back to the streets.

But the northern governors said there was no going back on their decision to return the Almajirai to their home states of origin.

Spokesman for the Chairman of the forum, Dr Macham Makut stated this on Wednesday while referring to the decision of the northern governors in their meeting held on April 21, 2020.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the northern governors had vowed never to allow the system to persist any longer because of the social challenges associated with it including the perpetuation of poverty, illiteracy, insecurity and social disorder.


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