The more I have s*x with my wife, the more I miss her mom – Man cries out

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A Nigerian man made a shocking revelation in a letter addressed to celebrity relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, saying he has been bonking his mother in-law to her satisfaction since the beginning of the COVID-19- occasioned lockdowns.

According to the man, it all started when he shared a bottle of wine with his wife’s mother while alone at home and she became tipsy, so she decided to pull off her clothes and lay on the couch in their parlor

He disclosed that when he returned from his room and met her naked mother-in-law, it was a beautiful sight to behold and he got hypnotized immediately.

My wife’s mother is old chronologically but young physically,” the man said, adding the encounter was the best sex of his life and he doesn’t want to stop.

“If I could, I would get her pregnant and start a family with her,” the man further disclosed saying they both have developed “a multidimensional love and relationship” beyond his comprehension.

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