Moment news camera crew were attacked LIVE on air at Black Lives Matter protests

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A video making rounds online captures the terrifying moment a television crew was chased through London after being attacked live on air at the Black Lives Matter protest.

Australian news correspondent Ben Avery and his cameraman Cade Thompson were filming on Whitehall when sections of the mostly peaceful demonstration turned ugly.

They were mobbed by frenzied youths jostling the crew and disrupting the broadcast while chanting ‘f*** the media!’.

Avery and his team backed off, but the protesters stalked them down the street, ripped the microphone from his hand and hounded them to Parliament Square.


The largely peaceful rally, inspired by the killing of American George Floyd, had gathered in Hyde Park before marching on Westminster, where some of the crowd turned violent, leading to 13 arrests.

Clashes with police continued into the night yesterday, including outside Downing Street where supposed protesters tore down barriers.

In the face of a fiery crowd, some constables were pictured kneeling on the floor – an action associated with the Black Lives Matter movement since NFL star Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the US national anthem.

Watch the video below:


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