Celebrities offer to help man who lost his eyes during BLM protest

Myles Garrett,  Browns superstar has offered to help a man who was permanently injured during the Black Lives Matter protests in Cleveland … personally reaching out and helping raise money for his recovery.
24-year-old John Sanders was taking pictures of the protests in Downtown CLE on May 30 when he was shot in the eye with a beanbag.
Sanders lost his left eye and suffered other facial injuries as a result and a GoFundMe has been set up to help him with hospital bills and other expenses

Word got to Myles, who called upon his 210k Twitter followers to help out by donating to Sanders’ campaign.
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Not only did Garrett spread the word  he personally hit up Sanders to lift his spirits and share some encouragement.
“He was just texting me about how badly he felt about what happened and how he wanted to make a difference in any way he could,” Sanders tells TMZ Sports.

Sanders tells us the GoFundMe donations DOUBLED in the days following Garrett’s tweet with more than $17,300 raised so far.
“It’s wild,” Sanders tells us. “I mean, the whole thing — from being such an extreme living example of police brutality and lack of training to actually having someone in the NFL that is not only probably the best player at their position, but also someone I’ve held in high regards actually reach out to me — is really overwhelming.
“To help me? Never happens to me. I’m overly thankful.”
Sanders says he has a long way to go in recovery … but can’t stress enough how grateful he is to have a dude like Garrett in his corner.


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