Jude Okoye Treated Me In An Abusive Manner And Is A Manipulator- Cynthia Morgan


Embattled Singer Cynthia Morgan in another explosive interview accused her former label boss, Jude Okoye of being a manipulator and abuser.

She went rto also revealed the friends that tried to reach out to her when she had a break down.

” I grew up in a Jehovah witness home, where to make music I was being over rebelled and I’m the only child of my mum, I had to protect a lot of it so they won’t say “oh who sent you music?.

It wasn’t obviously like what you see on TV, not all that glitter and everything, there are stuffs more than that, then I had to shade my family from every hurt, when I broke down emotionally, it was hard for me to stop telling my folks like “this is what happened” okay what’s the next phase for me to do? It was even harder because I didn’t have a support system.

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When I was going to get signed up with him, I heard that he went through a lot from MayD and he wasn’t sure. I’m not MayD!
I’m a different person and he definitely didn’t have to treat me in an abusive manner, I think he was a bit of a manipulator that’s what I’ll say or rather he was hurt before and you have to hurt other people to feel better or some sort of way.
Personally I don’t really have issues with Jude because I saw it like a life lessons for me, there was even a point in time that I said if this is how music is then I’m not going to let my kids do music.

I did sign a contract, there’s a part where he said 50/50 the label had to provide 50% of all we need, the video, audio and the cost production 50% where by I provide my own 50% also but that never happened. In my own terms I was providing 100% and he said he bought me he a car *laughs* nope I bought that car from him.

At a point I was sick and had a massive break down, I got back to the studio and started working, and then some family issues happened and I had to go back home to sort it out, I think this is just the right time and I’m finally back that’s what really matters.

My friends actually reached out but I wasn’t willing because I was just healing, a few people like Olamide, Phyno, Tiwa. I didn’t really understand what was going on like I wasn’t ready, Seyi also reached out”


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