My boyfriend slept with my 4 months old baby because she was flirting with him (video)

A heartbreaking video making rounds on social media shows the moment an obviously  mentally deranged lady  launched a strong defense for her own boyfriend who raped her daughter when she was four months old.

According to the lady, her daughter was constantly “flirting with her boyfriend in her presence; She always wanted the man to touch her”.


So when she was 4 months old, her “boyfriend finally gave in and slept with her and she enjoyed watching her daughter raped”.

She claims it went on for a while and when she realized the baby enjoys it, she decided to make money off her by pimping her to other men to sleep with.


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She kept doing that and in her own words “she could see the pain and fear in her child’s eye when she was being raped but she didn’t care”.

But somehow the news went out and the child was taken from her and she was arrested together with the boyfriend and some of the men who indulged in the act.

Watch the sickening video below:


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