Woman forced to leave her house after refusing to put her bins out for a decade


A woman who refused to put out the bins for ten years resorted to wearing nappies after 27 tonnes of rubbish built up inside her home – stopping her from getting into the bathroom.

The hoarder identified as, Sylvie, from York, who is in her 60s, began using incontinence pads and nappies after the accumulating waste left her surrounded by five to six feet of rubbish in all her bedrooms as well as down the stairs, along the hall and in the kitchen.

The home-owner, who had refused to let anyone inside her house for almost 20 years, said the rubbish also affected her mental wellbeing and put her physical health at risk.

She said: ‘I felt very embarrassed, it had got so bad. But I couldn’t see it from

‘The rooms were really bad from floor-to-ceiling you couldn’t get into the house really.

‘I slept on top of the rubbish, I only had use of the bathroom if I clambered over the rubbish, and I had no kitchen as I couldn’t get to it.

‘I didn’t have a sink, I couldn’t get to my fridge or my freezer. I just used to sit on the doorstep during the day.’

Sylvie, who was living in a small space at the top of the stairs, was unable to access her fridge and freezer and kept food in the hall and stairs, eating it without storing it properly.

Due to the accumulating waste, piles of hoarded items also filled the two downstairs living rooms.

Concerned neighbours, who noticed Sylvie never put her bin out for collection and would sit on her front doorstep for hours, wanted to help.

‘There’s not enough words in this world to say how much they’ve helped me and if people are suffering like me, get in contact with Community Bees you’ll never regret it, you will not regret it at all.’


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