Top 10 Nigerian Pentecostal Churches With The Best Choir/Music Dept


Following the popular saying that ”he who sings prays twice” I believe praise and worship being the principle that gets to the heart of God
a lot of churches uses that principle, but I will just present just 10 Pentecostal churches in Nigeria that can bring up that innate passion for worshiping and praising God

Note: All churches praise God in their unique way and it all appeals to God.

10. Dunamis: They are really good in praises likes of daniel ekiko and profit okebe will get you crazy,when it comes to worship,if you are present or if you listen to their midday worship you just get moved to worship God, all thanks pastor Paul enenche with his worship skills and spiritual prowess

9. OPM: One of the many churches in PH especially that take seriously the art of praising of God,it is well known also for Good worship too

8.Winners: They do well in praising God,most of their branches all over nigeria replicate their praise and worship skills,their mass choir is really doing good

7. Elevation church: Their praises and worship session is just really a place you would want to be in there is definitely a flow of the spirit

6. Salvation ministries: Just their mass choir alone can give you this heavenly feeling,their performance at the just concluded 5nights of glory was eccentric

5. House on the Rock: This church has a very nice style of worshiping and praising God,the church lightings alone gives you the feel of the presence of God around you can never be dulled

4. Daystar: This church is well known for their quality sounds and good instrumentalists they really make Good use of those sounds to praise and worship God in a way that is appealing,You just don’t need to listen to gospel songs on your phone when you have Daystar church

3. COZA: Sophisticated church with sophisticated praises and worship,when they sing it seems like a record is playing,their praises is really club like so it appeals more to the secular world,their worship is so heart touching and makes you want to know God more,The church musical crew “The Gratitude” is a good replica of their music

2. Christ Embassy: We cannot list all these without listing Christ Embassy a great church with Great sound,Great music,Great choristers they are really one of the developers of the Nigerian gospel music,they have produced gospel artists that has changed the face of gospel music in Nigeria,When it comes to worship being in their service is really one thing you would want to do

1. RCCG: When it comes to praises you just need to leave it for them,Their diversity in praising and worshiping God is second to none,During their programs at the redemption camp the atmosphere is really a crazy one with lots and lots of instruments sounds all over the place with people taking the grounds for their dance hall,this indeed is replicated in all their mega parish branches across Nigeria,So if you want to worship and praise so crazy this is certainly your spot.


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