Pls Help! A Church Is About To Render My Brother Useless – Man Cries Out

A distressed Nigerian man is seeking for help for his junior who he said hes been brainwashed by a church.
Read his story below…………..

My brother was 23 years old when he made his first million. I trained him and took him to a friend of mine who sells electrical parts in Alaba intl, he served him for 5 years and settled him with a shop worth 500k at the age of 20. I too surported his business with 300k cash, and everything was moving fine. At the age of 22 years my brother told me he wants to buy a land, I gave him go-ahead, at 23 he bought a Toyota muscle…. this year he is clocking 25years … (fast forward)

I was in my warehouse when his former boss called me and told me that I should warn my junior brother about the way he invites church people to his shop to pray, that they are after his money and I called my brother and told him and warned him that he should be careful of those church people, Now My brother has stopped going to his shop regularly. He gave church his car for evangelism, he donated almost all his AC and standing fans to church … Now the shop is becoming empty, the only thing in his packing store is 20 stabilizer and 6 ceiling fans, someone who boast of 10million Worth of Goods in packing store ….

I went to the church yesterday at ojo with some of my soldier friends, I took my brother and and his car, I called a truck to loose some of the AC and Fans, Electrical appliances having my brother’s sticker, right now I tied him rope and I put him in my room until he return back to his senses, we calculated roughly Goods of 14 million naira that my brother donated to this church, to my surprise I took his phone and checked his history I almost cried, he just transferred 550k to the pastor yesterday being Sunday, his customers from North and middle belt has been texting him to know why he is not picking their calls, My brother was supposed to supply good worth 4million naira to one alhaji in Kano but he didn’t care, I had to call the boss to act as if he is my brother and he should supply those goods but it should go with my brothers sticker … the man has made transfer this morning… then I realized that my brother is loosing millions due to church activities he has put himself into…. At his age I never dreamed of having a car but God made it possible for him and he is misusing it.
Your advise is needed ………..


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