Dokpesi, Senator Bala Mohammed, other drag Buhari to court


The Chairman, Daar Communications, Dr Raymond Dokpesi; Senator Bala Mohammed and Ambassador Bello Mohammed have dragged President Muhammadu Buhari and the Attorney General of the Federation, before a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos.

The men are challenging the constitutionality of Executive Order No 6 of 2018.

Daar Communication Chairman, and others in the suit, are demanding the court to declare that the Presidential Order 6 issued by the President unlawful.

They want the law to be declared null and void and of no effect whatsoever, having regard to the fact that the said order constitutes an attempt by the president to exercise to the detriment of the plaintiffs’ judicial and legislative powers not vested in him by the constitution.

They are also praying the court for an order nullifying the Order no 6 of 2018 on the ground that it constitutes a negation of the presumption of innocence of the plaintiffs until proven guilty by due process of law, as guaranteed by the constitution.

Dokpesi and co are also seeking an order nullifying the Presidential Executive Order on the ground that it scandalizes the plaintiffs by stigmatizing them as corrupt and labelling their assets as proceeds of corruption liable to forfeiture.

They are further demanding for an order of the court nullifying the Presidential Executive Order no 6 of 2018, on the ground that it constitutes a violation of the rule against self-help and that the president purports to take action detrimental to the plaintiffs in respect of assets subject to pending litigation between the Government and the plaintiffs.


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