Heartbreaking story of a lady who was lured into lesbianism by her aunt


A distressed lady sent JFB  a mail narrating what she went through in the hands of her aunt who was meant to take care of my her after her parents passed away in a motor accident. Read her heartbreaking story below

My name is Chisom , I am 25years old and am a prostitute.
I have been a prostitute for the past 6years now; please follow up, as I bring u the story of my life and how my journey into prostitution started
I am the oldest child of 4, (2 girls and 2boys). I lost my parents in a car accident at the age of 16 and my siblings and i were made to live with our different relatives.

After the burial of my parents,  I moved to Lagos and started living with my dad’s newly married youngest sister; she was 25 years old at that time. I was welcomed with love. They made me feel so at home, bought new clothes for me and enrolled me into one of the best private schools in that area. Life was fun for me, I didn’t lack anything and in no time, my sorrow was forgotten. Little did I know that all the goodies and better life I was enjoying, came with a very big price.

On the 7th month of living with them, I had just gotten back from school and was about to shower, when my aunty called me, so I ran out of the bathroom with my towel tied, and went into her room;
“Good afternoon aunty”
“Afternoon. How was school today?
“Fine, aunty”
“Good. I called you in here because I want to bath you myself. I notice your armpits smells.

I was shocked beyond words, how cam my aunty bath me? i was still trying to understand her words when she when she put her mouth on my nipples and began to suck it. I gathered strength and pushed her away, then covered my breasts with my hands, “Aunty what are you doing? How can you be touching me this way and suck my breasts too? You are a woman and my dad’s younger sister.

I don’t understand this o. Please, I want to go back to my room” I said to her and made to walk past her, but she blocked my path and pushed me to the wall, there was no space for me to escape from, then she spoke,  this is not a new thing, people do it. I started mine when I was 14 years old and it’s not bad. See, let me tell you, I am in love with you and I feel you so much, you give me sleepless nights, I want you to be mine. My baby, I will give you anything you want, just don’t push me away, or don’t you love me?”

I kept quiet for a while, trying to understand her point, but it was so hard for me. “For God’s sake you are my Aunty. We are same blood, loving me is normal just like I love you too. But we can’t do this evil things, the Bible frowns at it, please, aunty”
She turned and locked the bathroom door and threw her neck back, laughing heavily, don’t be ungrateful, I gave you everything and ready to give you more.  You want to deprive me of this one thing I need from you. I could take away everything and make you miserable in this house.

Life would be a living hell for you. Is that what you want?” I was speechless; I didn’t know what to say. “Answer me, Chisom, is that what you want?” She repeated. “No Aunty” I replied.
She put down the toilet lid and sat on it, then told me to sit on her laps, I did. She held me so tight, like she was drawing strength from me. We sat like that for almost an hour, her breathing was heavy, then she turned my face towards hers and began to kiss me hungrily,

After I pulled myself away from her, she got up and walked out of the bathroom. I sat there for a while, and then I took my towel and covered myself, then stepped out of the bathroom and ran into my room. I quickly dressed up and went to the kitchen to fix lunch, shortly after, I heard her call out my name again, I ignored and pretended not to hear, she called the second time and I quietly closed the kitchen door and continued cooking.

It wasn’t long, when I felt the door to the kitchen open, and she walked in, “bia Chisom, didn’t you hear me call your name?” She asked. “No aunty, the door was closed maybe that was why I didn’t hear you, I am sorry”, she continued, “it’s okay, make sure you put your uncle’s food in the food flask, I don’t have the strength to cook for him in the night. Before I forget, when last did you see your period?”…”last month, aunty, I have not seen it this month” I replied. “It’s okay. Hope you still have enough pads?” “Yes, I do” she said okay and walked out of the kitchen.

She didn’t touch me again after that day and we both acted like it didn’t even occur. I got the opportunity to speak with my younger sister living with my other aunty in Port Harcourt, as soon as she heard my voice, she started crying, she told me how she was suffering over there, she hasn’t started school yet and she eats only once a day and sleeps at midnight to wake up by 5am to prepare my aunt’s kids for school, I was so heartbroken and so helpless, but I assured her that I would do everything possible to get her out of that house.

Though, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish it. Every day, I thought of my sister suffering, her heartbreaking voice when she was talking to me on the phone, I lost appetite and concentration in school; I became so moody that everyone around me noticed it, including my aunty and her husband. This continued, until one Saturday evening.

I was crying profusely in my room, when my aunty walked in, I didn’t notice her presence until she spoke, “Chisom, what’s wrong with you lately and why are you crying? Don’t tell me you are pregnant o” I quickly turned to face her, “no o, am not pregnant, am just worried about my younger sister, she’s suffering so much in port Harcourt and there’s nothing I can do to help her, that’s why am crying” I replied. Then she said, “Who told you there’s nothing you can do? We live in a duplex, you have this room all to yourself, why not invite her to come live here with us and be happy, instead of this, am tired of seeing you in this mood”. I couldn’t believe my ears, I was shocked beyond words, I knelt down to thank her but she told me to get up, as she turned to leave the room, I realised I had no means to invite my sister over, what do I know?

“Aunty but there’s a problem o. How do I get her over here and what am I going to tell Aunty Precious for her to let my sister go?” I asked, then she walked back into the room and sat on the bed, before replying me, “Nne, sit down, let’s talk” I did as I was told. Then she continued, “Getting your sister here and taking care of her is not a problem at all, I can help you achieve that in just two days, but that would cost you, are you ready and willing to pay the price?” She asked. I looked hard at her in confusion, “But aunty you know I don’t have money, it’s you and uncle that has been taking care of me, the only money I have is N8000 that I have saved up from my pocket money to school, where will…” she cuts me off, “Hahahahaha, you are just so innocent that’s why I love you so much. I don’t need money from you. Only accept to be mine and never resist me or speak about it to anyone. Let me have you, give me your virginity without struggle and that’s all” she said.

I moved away from her and said, “No ooo. God forbid. I cannot allow you touch me down there am not ready yet, besides, you are a woman and am keeping myself for my husband. It’s only a man I will allow down there not a woman, that’s an abomination. Aunty Do you even know what you are saying?” She laughed again and replied, “Okay then. Since you say no, do not bring up the issue of your sister to me again. Let her continue to suffer in Port Harcourt. One day, she will die and her blood will be on your head, since you have the means to save her but you refused. Imagine keeping yourself for some stupid guy that doesn’t deserve you.

My dear, in this age and era, girls don’t give guys their virginity anymore, they either allow fellow girl to break it or they break it by themselves, no man deserves a woman’s virginity. Gone are those days. When you marry, you give him sex and that’s all. Afterall, no man marries as a virgin. I want to go and prepare for fellowship. Make sure you prepare dinner before I get back, funny girl” then she walked out of my room…….

I thought of the whole condition my aunty gave me, but what can i do? i really need to get my sister out of that place she is only 15. 30 minutes later, she called me to get ready for church that she doesn’t want to be late. I quickly showered and was dressing up when she came in again, dressed and ready for church, she locked the door and said, “Nne, please I need to feel you a little before we go”, she unzipped my gown and unhooked my bra, then turned me towards her… She started sucking my left nipple and using her right hand to massage the right one, she kept at it for almost 5 minutes, then she stopped and looked me in the eyes, “are you enjoying it? Tell me you are, please” she spoke. I shook my head and replied, “no, Aunty. I am not enjoying it” I replied. She smiled, “I understand how you feel, I felt the same way too during my first time. That’s why I don’t want to rush you. Don’t worry, with time, you will get used to it” she said, as she went back to sucking my nipples and moaning at the same time.

After a while, she did what she hasn’t done before, she pulled up my gown and touched my vagina through my panties, I flinched and moved back, at that moment, I heard the voice of her husband calling out her name from the hall way, she quickly stopped, adjusted her dress and picked up her purse and bible, “honey, we will meet you downstairs shortly, am helping Amaka to fix up something” she replied back at him. She helped me hook up my bra and zipped up my gown, then gave me a very long kiss and a hug, after which we headed out to join her husband in the car for church.

She was the leader of the prayer warriors in church. People send prayer points and requests to her. She was honoured as much as they honoured the pastor of the church and her husband was very proud of her. She doesn’t go a week without fasting. One time, she made me fast, because I slept off during night prayer that was before she started molesting me.
Four hours later, we were back from church and headed into the kitchen to cook, when I sat down on the kitchen stool to slice the vegetables, she told me to go back upstairs and remove my panties, then come back into the kitchen and sit facing her, with my legs spread apart, that she wants to be looking into my vagina, as she cooks.

I didn’t argue, I ran upstairs and did exactly as she said. I was determined to do anything to make sure my younger sister was safe and sound with me, where I could watch over her, even if it meant allowing my Aunty Do evil things to my body.
Later that Sunday evening, her husband went out and she called me into her bedroom, undressed me and told me to lie down on the bed. Note that while all this was going on, she never undressed nor asked me to touch her, she was always fully clothed. It was as if she was using my body for some kind of experiment.

She brought out baby oil, sprinkled it on my body and began to massage me. She started from my shoulders to every other part of my body. She paid extra attention to my breasts and my vagina. I noticed three pieces of carrot close to where the baby oil was. I kept wondering what she needed carrots for, could it be that she wanted us to eat it after the ritual she was performing on my body, or what? I thought to myself. The next thing I heard was, “Nne, close your eyes.

Think of the most amazing place you would like to be. Feel this moment, release yourself and let go of your fears, trust me. I love you so much and would never hurt you. One day, you would thank God I did this to you, and not some stupid guy that doesn’t deserve you. My treasure” she said. Like a sheep about to be slaughtered, I closed my eyes and tried to think of an ‘amazing’ place. But the only thing that came to my mind was my parents, telling us wonderful stories. I pictured my mum’s lovely smile and my dad’s fearless eyes, how I wished they were still alive.

I snapped back to reality when I felt her spreading my legs apart, then placed a pillow underneath me and positioned me well on it, the next thing I knew, she knelt in between my legs and bent down, staring hard at my vagina, I thought she was looking for something, only for her to put her mouth on it and began to lick my vagina with her mouth, the whole thing felt so awkward, I tried to act like it was normal but I couldn’t, so I sat up and told her to stop, that it was disgusting and strange to put her mouth where I pee from. She started laughing and told me to relax, that putting mouth on my vagina is one of the greatest gifts a woman can get in life and a lot of women crave and beg for it, but they don’t get it, so I should thank God that she is giving it to me on a platter of gold because of the love she has for me and I shouldn’t take it for granted.

After explaining, she positioned me properly again and put her mouth there and began to suck me hungrily.
I didn’t feel anything, because of my mindset at that time, I was being forced and the whole thing made me feel like throwing up. She told me not to tell anyone, because they will not understand and be jealous of our love, I nodded and closed my eyes. Then I felt something pierce my vagina opening, I opened my eyes and shifted uncomfortably, I sat up and saw that she was holding a carrot and was trying to put it inside of me, that was when I started crying and begging her to stop, but she refused, I shouted and screamed, but no one heard me.

I begged her with the name of God and Jesus that she respected so much, but she refused and kept hurting me with the carrot until she had gotten more than half of it into my vagina, then she went ahead to twist and thrust it inside of me, while using her left hand to massage my breast. It hurt so much. Nothing had ever hurt me like that before, that was when my hatred for her started.
When she finished, she cleaned me up and told me not to tell anyone, that she loves me so much and even if I tell anyone, no one will believe me.

That night, I became sick, my stomach, private part and legs hurt so much, i didn’t attend the evening service with them that because i was sick, my aunty told our pastor that i was sick. That evening the pastor and his wife, Sis Margaret, came over to the house to pray for me, after the prayer the wife promised to check on me every evening to make sure i was responding to treatment. I was still eating breakfast when I heard a car drive into the compound, I looked out through my window, it was Sis Margaret, I was surprised. I remembered she said she would always come around in the evenings, I wondered what she was doing here by this time. Shortly after, she walked into the room with my aunty, with an olive oil in hand.   “Good morning ma!” I greeted her, “morning, my love. How are you feeling this morning?” “I feel better now” I replied. Very good! I know you are a strong girl, now come and give me a hug” she said, as she dropped the olive oil she was holding and spread out her hands. I got up and reluctantly hugged her. My aunty stood there smiling at us. Sis Margaret held on to me longer than I expected and I began to wonder when she would release her hold on me, but instead, she turned my face and kissed me on the lips.

Two days later, my uncle came back with my sister, Kai, my joy knew no bounds, I couldn’t stop hugging her, she was crying profusely, looking so tattered and worn out. She had marks all over her body and cuts from excessive flogging. I kept turning her around to look at various parts of her body. “Amy, you look beautiful and very fresh. Are you going out, this one you are wearing this fine gown?” She asked me, my heart broke into pieces, but I held myself from crying, I needed to be strong for her, “Haba Nne, this is not even my outing cloth, it’s my house cloth. Don’t worry, you are here now, you will start looking fresh and wearing nice clothes just like this one, okay?”

I comforted her, she cleaned her eyes and nodded happily, then I took her into my room and told her to freshen up and wait for me, while I go get her something to eat.

Only God knows what my brothers are going through, I thought to myself and right there, at that moment, in that kitchen, I made up my mind to bring my siblings back together, I was almost 17 and the oldest, I felt it was my duty and I would use what I have, to get all that we would need to survive. That was the beginning of my evil plans.

One Sunday, after church, she called my sister and I, into the sitting room, her husband was there, then she said, “Chisom why didn’t you tell me tomorrow is your birthday? You will be 17 tomorrow and you kept it from your best aunty?” Did this idiot just call herself my best aunty? Oh wow! Splendid, I thought to myself, before replying, “Aunty, please am sorry, don’t be angry, I didn’t even remember it sef?”

“No worries, we already have something planned out, I will buy you a cake and you will mark it in school with your friends, while I invite the pastor and some members of the church to pray for you okay?” I nodded and she continued, “your uncle and I, will be travelling to Ogun state for a 3 days camping retreat, so on Thursday, we will drop both of you off at sister Margaret’s house so you go to school from there, she’s not going camping this year” she finished.
Few days later, we were on our way to Sister Margaret’s house…

When we got to Sister Margaret’s house, she and her family welcomed us with cheerfulness and open arms. Her husband was so very nice, with her children. The oldest is my age mate, we were made to feel at home and I was told to sleep in the same room with her first daughter, while my sister sleeps with the others. That same night, after we had settled down, Sister Margaret called me into the kitchen and kissed me passionately then said, “I have been waiting all day to do this, you are just so fresh and , I can’t resist you. I wish you would live with me forever” I didn’t say a word, I turned and walked out of the kitchen furious.

Why is this sweet woman acting like this? How would she feel if someone does this to her daughter? Then an evil thought crossed my mind. At midnight, I woke her daughter up and lied to her that I was having nightmare, she told me to pray over it and go back to sleep, but I didn’t, instead, I started crying. “Haaaa! Chisom  why are you crying na? It’s just a nightmare, oya let’s pray together and sleep” she said. “I have already prayed before waking you up. I just need someone to hug me and massage my back. I miss my mum so much” I burst into another bout of tears and cried heavily, she was looking concerned and confused, then she moved close to me and gave me a hug, I held her tight and refused to let go, “can you kiss me?”

“Of course” She pecked me on the cheek, I shook my head and said, “no, not that type of kiss, I want the real kiss please” she moved away from me, turned on the light and stared at me in shock. “Kiss you on the lips? That’s totally wrong. You are a girl. I can only kiss a guy but never a girl o. No no no” I walked up to her and told her to try me and see the difference between a guy and a girl. “A guy will kiss you and it will finally lead to pregnancy but I will kiss you and you will never get in trouble” it took me almost an hour to convince her, before she finally gave in. In less than two hours, I did to her exactly what my aunty and her mum did to me, except the carrot, because there was no carrot in their house then, so I used my fingers, surprisingly, she wasn’t a virgin.

That was how I started fucking sister Margaret’s daughter and sister Margaret was also fucking me any chance she gets. None of them knew I was fucking the other. On the third day we were to go home, she begged me for a goodbye fuck, I told her to bring N50, 000, she begged and begged but I refused, then she went to her wardrobe and brought out all she had, which was N48, 000. I collected it and fucked her, we were done and I was in the bathroom when her mum came looking for me. I knew she wanted to fuck me as well, so I walked into her room and instead of waiting for her to kiss me, I kissed her.

She was so dumbfounded, that was when I gave her my terms, “I will not do this for free anymore, if you want to have sex with me then you must pay me” she laughed and said, “pay you for sex, are you a prostitute? Don’t reduce yourself to such a thing. If there’s anything you need just mention it, I will buy it for you” I refused and made to walk out of the room but she held me back and asked how much it will cost her, I told her to give me a hundred thousand naira, she screamed and said she can only afford N10, 000, I stood my ground, at the end, she gave me N50, 000 and used my body for her pleasure, as usual.

And that was how I started collecting money from them.  I had thought of how to pay my aunt back but the only two ways that came to mind were her husband and her pretty best friend. I had already collected her number, but I needed to thread with caution since I didn’t know if she was into such a thing or not. For I certainly know that it wasn’t all women that indulges in such act. But I was determined to pay my aunt back, so I didn’t mind the risk at all.
One night, my aunt went to a vigil and I knew the time to f–k her husband had finally come. I always made their bed every morning, but that particular day, I kept doing other chores and pretending not to remember to fix their bedroom until she was leaving that night, she walked into the kitchen and said, “Once you are done from here, make sure you go straight to my room and arrange the bed before any other thing. I am off to the vigil, come and lock the door” she turned and left.
Two hours later, I quickly showered, wore the skimpiest of gown, with no bra and pant and walked straight into my aunt’s room. Her husband was already asleep on the bed. I stood there for a while staring at him, losing the courage to walk up to him. I thought of how nice he was and all he had done for my sister and I, also what would be my fate if he refused my moves, but then, I didn’t care. I had lost all sense of sanity. After standing there for about 5 minutes, I confidently walked up to him, gently got on the bed and traced my hand from his belly button, down to his waistline, and then He opened his eyes. He laid there and was staring at me, like he wanted to fully understand what was going on, I continued my ministration, then suddenly, he sprang up from the bed, pushed away my hand and got out of bed.
“Chisom, what are you doing? Oh My God! I got confused for a moment. What has come over you?” He asked, staring at me in shock. “Uncle, relax jare. I know you want me, I see how you stare at my a-s and b—–s, I only came to put you out of your mystery” I replied, undressing at the same time, he stood and watched as I seductively got out of my dress, I had nothing under. Standing stark naked, I began to……

I stopped sucking and looked up to him, “Uncle, do you want me to stop?” I asked him. He didn’t say a word, but held my head and slowly put his d–k back into my mouth. I smiled and knew I had gotten him where I wanted him. I kept sucking and sucking, doing it exactly how I saw it in a pornographic movie I saw earlier in the day, I was really prepared. I s—-d and he moaned until my knees started paining me, then I got up and guided my left b—–s to his mouth, he grabbed it hungrily and started sucking me and used his right hand to massage the right n—-e. I grabbed his throbbing erect penis with both hands and massaged it until he couldn’t take it anymore.
He turned my back towards him and told me to bend and hold my toes, I didn’t understand why he wanted me to do that, I tried to ask him why but he already pushed me round, so I quickly obeyed and held my toes, the next thing I knew, he was putting his d–k into my v—-a. I didn’t know what to expect, no man had ever touched me before him and only carrots has entered my v—-a, that was why I was shocked when his d–k pierced it’s way into me. I held tight and bit my lips as he began thrusting in and out of me, “Nne eeh, you have killed me. So you are this sweet and I have been sex starved in this house? Ahhharrggg….f–k… your p—y is so sweet…raise your a-s a little to swallow my d–k well…yeah like that…you feel that d–k? You feel it deep inside? You are just too good nne and so so tight”…
He kept talking to himself, while he violently slammed in and out of me, with reckless abandon. At some point, he bent slightly and used both hands to grab my b—–s and squeezed so hard and I winced in pain.
Before long, my legs began to shake, I was feeling weak and I needed to sit or lie on the bed atleast, I wondered why he made me stand and hold my toes while he banged me like I was being punished for seducing him.
I had to do something because I was already losing my balance. And so I gathered the courage and got up then moved away from him, “Uncle, please stop, my legs are paining me. Even my back, there are better ways to do this, you are too aggressive and you are tearing my p—y, now it’s so sore”…”Nne, please am so sorry, don’t blame me, inugo? It’s just that you are too sweet, I can’t remember the last time I saw a hole this tight” he replied, as he gave me a very tight hug, with his rod pricking my lower abdomen, it was still very hard, then he continued. “You came at me very hard so I lost it. Forgive me, my baby. Now, allow me to make love to you”
He pulled me towards the bed and kissed me passionately, then made me lay on the bed and spread my legs and buried his face inbetween my legs. He s—-d me differently. It was not like the type I got from the women, the way he moved his tongue drove me crazy, it had a whole new feeling to it, I kept wiggling in pleasure as he continued to suck me to pieces.
He kept sucking and moaning, with his hands stretched out to my b—–s.

We became obsessed with each other, any opportunity we got, we banged, on the balcony at midnight, in the kitchen when alone in the house, inside the car in the night. Now i have saved enough money to take acre of sibling and will make sure i destroy my aunty, her husband, her beautiful friend  and daughter for what they did to me.



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