My husband hates to bathe and doesn’t flush the toilet after use. Woman cries out

Marriage they say is all about tolerance and endurance.   A married woman who sees her husband as a thorn in her flesh with his constant dirty and irritating habit have reached out to magazine  to ask for advice and the advice she got is trending online.

The woman named Leila, from Kampala, Uganda, said her husband does not like to have his bath and he leaves the toilet without flushing it after use. She added that he also walks into the house with dirty shoes.


She mentioned that her husband was raised in a “well-to-do home where social graces were upheld” so she doesn’t understand why his behaviour doesn’t match his upbringing.

In reply, she was told to bath her husband in the morning and evenings and shower him with sweet words while at it. She was also asked to “handle him like an adolescent baby”, among other words of advice that can be seen below.

Meanwhile, social media users are having a field day debating the marital advice given by the magazine.



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