Lady reveals her husband was her stepfather who divorced her mum because he cheated on her mum with her sister

A twitter user by the name, Sucre has come under fire after she revealed that the man she is happily married to was once her stepfather who her mother divorced because he dated her sister while still married to her mother.

It all started another user who goes by the name, Iyalode America, asked if a week to your wedding you find out that your partner had dated one of your family members 5yrs ago, what would you do?

She went further to say despite dating two members of her family, her family is at peace and her mother who happens to be an ex-wife to her husband spent three months in her house when she gave birth to her first child and her elder sister who also was an ex-lover of her husband and the cause of divorce between her husband and her mother also do visit them at home.

The lady went on to backed up her claims with some references from the Bible

Twitter users who couldn’t believe the woman’s story have called out, read reactions below



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