Marita Crisis? IK Ogbonna Ignores Wife’s Birthday

It seems IK Ogbonna is still enmeshed in the alleged marital crisis, as he shunned his wife’s birthday after she deleted her birthday post to him on Instagram.

Nigerian actor and model, IK Ogbonna allegedly shunned the birthday message sent to him by his wife on January 12th as it seems both couple are still enmeshed in their marital crisis.

IK Ogbonna clocked a year older on January 12th and his beautiful wife, Sonia Morales composed a message for him on Instagram. She wrote;

Bday boy abi old man! PapaAce, more blessings, more grace, more success and more cake”

The post however raised eyebrows as she referred to the father of her son as ‘Papa Ace’ and ‘old man’. The actor ignored the message on social media and failed to react to the birthday message.

The post on Instagram which she later deleted. It instigated some followers to comment on the content of the message.

However after IK Ogbonna shunned his wife’s birthday on Saturday and went ahead to wish singer turned social media influencer, Tunde Ednut a happy birthday, she shared a cryptic message. She wrote;

Just for the record darling, not all positive changes feel positive at the beginning

Still go ahead,
Still keep your head up,
Still be brave,
Still don’t settle .
Never ever settle.


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