Mom is jailed for ten years for starving her two-month-old baby to death

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Angel Poole, 25  lady  has been jailed for starving her baby to death. The young mother starved her two months old baby so badly that it died weighing less than when it was born.

Angel Poole, 25, from Birmingham, Iowa, was sentenced to 10 years in prison last week after an autopsy found her son had been ‘markedly malnourished’ by the negligent mother.

Two-month-old Judah Wessels tragically died in July 2016 weighing just 5lbs (2.3kg) – half the weight of a healthy infant of the same age and 2lbs less than his birth weight.

Eight days after he was born, doctors found baby Judah was healthy and well-fed during an examination.

But the court heard how over the following weeks, Poole missed several appointments with medical staff and told police she ‘never got round to it’.

Weeks after his birth, Poole called 911 reporting that Judah was struggling to breathe – and he was pronounced dead in hospital shortly afterwards.

While in July she appeared to blame her baby’s death on a brain injury and said the charges against her should be dropped.

She wrote: ‘Got some good news today.

‘The new prosecutor in my case may have found exculpatory evidence while speaking to the Dr. that examined Judahs brain, he notified my lawyer of it a few days ago

‘So now we just have to get the pathologist into depositions. I think this is all finally coming to an end. Please continue to pray for me, God is listening!’

Her partner Ed Wixom replied backing her up, writing: ‘All of that stupid s*** they are trying to charge you with she be dropped everyone knows that your a good mother and the ones that are talking s*** and saying that your not a good mother is someone that has some other Vendetta.’


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