Husband Reportedly Connives With His Girlfriend To End His Wife’s Life

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A man and his lover have been arrested and charged jointly with the murder of the man’s wife.

The deceased, Mary Kamangara 39, and mother of two, was last seen on Saturday around 11 am when she left her residence at Safari Park Gardens to Kahawa Sukari in Kenya where she operates a hardware shop.

Her body was later recovered on Sunday at Courtesy beach within Juja sub-county with visible head injuries. She had a deep wound in the head which police said was inflicted by a blunt object and bruises on the hands.

Arwasa said the two suspects Joseph Kori Karue (the decease’s husband) and Judy Wambui Mungai (the man’s girlfriend) are believed to be behind the killing of the woman.

This is after blood-stained clothes were recovered from Wambui’s rented house at Four Ways estate along Kiambu road.

The police said the blood-stained clothes collected from Wambui’s house will be taken for DNA analysis.

Both suspects were not represented by a lawyer. The two will be held at Juja police station in Kenya until February 13.

Juja subcounty police boss Simon Thirikwa said the deceased appeared to have been killed elsewhere and the body dumped at the site.

The deceased, a mother of two, lived with her husband at their Garden Estate home in Nairobi. Kiio said police are tracking her missing car, a Mercedes C 200 saloon and her phone.

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*But what proof do they have before accusing them?They have not even checked to see if the Blood sample matches her own….It would really be a pity if this man actually killed the Mother of his two kids,if you dont want again ,walk away with the mistress and let the wife live!!!..May her killers be found!!


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