Trump reacts to the viral video of an African woman juggling ball

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The video of an African woman juggling a ball has caught the attention of the US President Donald Trump’s. The video which was shared by a Nigerian Twitter user is have generated over 40k views.

Taking to his verified Twitter handle, Trump retweeted the video of the woman and wrote, “Amazing!” and his reponse has generated quite a lot of reactions, as his followers wondered about his interest in the video, especially in the light of the state of emergency, he declared on Friday.

The video which Trump retweeted was shared by Twitter user, Akin Sawyerr @AkinSawyerr, who wrote, “Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity isn’t.”

The video showed a woman, who is reportedly from Malawi, wearing a skirt and blouse, as she showed off her football freestyle skills.

Some of the reactions to his tweets include, “He’s not talking about the soccer player. He’s referring to the wall in the background.”

“I can’t believe you actually tweeted something non-attacking of Obama, Hillary or the FBI.”

“We’re apparently in day 3 of a national emergency, and Trump is tweeting about things he’s watching on TV and random videos he found on the Internet.”

“My goodness…no matter what the President does someone has got to make a bad thing out of it. Give it a break!!!! Thanks for sharing Mr President!!!”

“The fact that Trump is a soccer fan makes me love him more!”

“Amazing! …that you have time to troll around on social media and watch viral video clips during a national emergency!”

See Trump’s tweet:


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