What I have Achieved In Just Jan, Amara Can’t Achieve In 10yrs -Laura Ikeji Boast

Its obvious the beef between Laura Ikeji Kanu and Kanu’s wife, Amara is not ending anytime soon. Younger sister of popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji and  wife of former Footballer Ogbonna Kanu,  Laura Kanu Ikeji, asked her Instagram followers to ask her anything and she promised to be as Sincere as possible…..

Apparently her followers have been longing to ask her the relationship status between she and her husband’s elder brother’s wife, Amara.

During the question and answer session, A follower ask the social media influencer why she and Amara are not following each other? The mother of one wasted no time to say they are not friends and what she have achieved in January alone it will take @KingKanu4 wife 10 years to achieve it.

But many of her follower didn’t buy her comment as they reminded her she was referring to to Papilo’s wife whose husband is wealthy on like her whose husband is living at the mercy of her rich sister.

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