Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves dresses as a gladiator to shoot £150k music video

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Human Ken Doll, Rodrigo Alves, just released his new single, Plastic World, with his ex partner, Italian plastic surgeon Giacomo Urtis.

And so it comes as little surprise that the pair are splashing lots of cash on a music video after the track rocketing to No. 1 in dance charts in Italy and Dubai.

Rodrigo, 35, who refers to himself as human doll wore plastic abs on top of his fake pecs to play a gladiator for the video, which has a huge £150k budget.

He then changed into a cowboy costume, where he performed his best dance moves while being swarmed by 12 sexy dancers.

Rodrigo admitted he was worried when filming the single over the weekend at Cinecitta movie studios in Rome, Italy.

Despite bringing a team of 50 onboard, it looked as though he and Giacomo would have to cancel at great cost, due to unexpectedly poor weather.

However, the sun soon came out and things were able to go ahead as hoped, with the men hoping to set the music industry alight with their latest offering.

Rodrigo spoke exclusively told MailOnline when the song was released a week last Friday.

He said: ‘This is such a big day for me! I can’t believe that that my song in top chart and number one already in few countries!

‘The launch is today and the positive people’s response to it is overwhelming!’

‘I worked very hard to make it happen and seen the response from the public today making my song plastic world top chart in few countries, including Italy and UAE, means the wold and makes me want to produce and make more music from now on.’

Explaining the song, which is available in both English and Spanish, is based on his life, Roddy added that he’s set to promote the song in Dubai with night club events, a Eurovision party, and during an appearance on Virgin Radio with Cris Fade.

He continued: ‘I have just finished a pool party event today and people were going crazy with plastic world! I promise that this year I will make people sing and dance alongside me like a rock star!’


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