Mother, 51 ‘shot dead by her adopted nine-year-old son’

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A Detroit mother  was allegedly fatally shot and killed by her 9-year-old adoptive. It was reported by family members that the deceased had told doctors  she feared she was ‘raising the next serial killer’ just months before her death.

Pauline Randol, 51, was found dead early Monday morning at her home on Fawn River Township having suffered a fatal gun-shot wound.

The gunman responsible, police say, was her nine-year-old son who she adopted from Indiana three years ago.

Investigators believe the boy, who hasn’t been named because of his age, opened fire on Pauline with a rifle he found inside the home.

He now faces murder and firearm charges, though it’s unclear whether he’ll be prosecuted as an adult or juvenile.

Pauline and the boy were scheduled to meet with a mental health professional the day after she was found dead, as family members say she was growing increasingly concerned about the boy’s mental state.

Pauline’s daughter, 23-year-old Reagan Martin, said the boy’s mother was drug addict and he had a number of mental ‘scars’ from his childhood.

Another of her daughters, Harley Martin, revealed that the 51-year-old had ‘told her doctor one time she was so scared she was raising the next serial killer’.

Harley, however, was adamant that the boy was not a ‘bad kid’ and said ‘this was not something he would have just done to be spiteful, to be mean.’

‘He loved his mom. I don’t want people to think he did not love his mom,’ she told 24 Hour News 8.

‘He had lost of mental health issues that were not being helped. He started on [new] medication last week. Who knows how that reacted?’

Harley said her mother was aware of the boy’s mental health issues and troubled upbringing before she adopted him in February 2016.

‘But she took him in to care for him as her own,’ Harley told the Detroit Free Press. ‘She had been trying to reach out for help by his family doctor… who blamed her for [these] issues.’

In court Tuesday, the boy asked where his mother was and Harley said ‘he doesn’t know what he did’.

‘He doesn’t understand why he can’t come home or anything,’ she continued. ‘He’s traumatized by what he saw in there. That’s all he told my dad about was seeing that. It’s going to mess him up for a really long time because he does not realize what he’s done.’


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