Teenager, 18, who threatened to jump off a motorway bridge is convicted of causing a public nuisance

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A teenager who tried repeatedly to commit suicide by throwing herself into the path of traffic  because she had ‘nothing to live for’ following the death of her mother has been convicted of causing a public nuisance.

Kady Lee threatened to  jump from a motorway bridge  along the M602 at Eccles near Manchester in the wake of losing her mother who had died suddenly the previous year, aged just 47.

Before the death of her mother, Lee  had also lost her grandmother and uncle in the same year.

The 18-year-old told police ‘her life wasn’t worth living’ but was eventually talked down from the 12-inch ledge by officers.

The motorway had to be closed for 20 minutes while 16 officers dealt with the incident.

As magistrates convicted the teenager, they told her ‘no one wants to be subject to this sort of inconvenience’, and urged the youngster to ‘move forward with her life’.

The court heard that Lee, from Swinton, had recently left a hospital after being admitted for self harm.

Police recognised her because they had been called out on five previous occasions to save her when she threatened to jump off the same bridge.

But prosecutors said almost 1,000 motorists were delayed and taxpayers would have to pay £560 towards the costs of policing the incident.

At Manchester Magistrates’ Court, Lee admitted an offence of ’cause a nuisance to the public by threatening to jump off the motorway bridge’.

Magistrates ordered her to complete a 12 month community order warning the teenager she had caused ‘massive inconvenience.’

In mitigation, defence lawyer Peter Broderick said: ‘My client has been recorded as saying she ‘has nothing to live for’.

On May 17 last year she lost the most important person in her life and in January of this year she lost her grandmother who she was very close with and who was very important to her.

‘In April this year she lost her uncle who again was a very important influence in her life. All of these hardships got the better of her and this is why she has acted like this.

‘She suffers from an unstable personality disorder. This is the first time she has appeared in court and she should be given maximum credit for her early guilty plea. She is a low risk to the public.’

Lee was also ordered to pay £200 in costs and surcharges.

Magistrates told Lee: ‘Use this [community order] to deal with your bereavement. This has caused a massive inconvenience to the public and no one wants to be subject to this sort of inconvenience.

‘You must move forward with your life. This sort of behaviour doesn’t cause anyone any good least of all you.’


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