Male co-stars usually get ‘too excited’ when filming racy sex scenes – Emily Atack

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29-year-old actress, Emily Atack has admitted that her male co-stars usually end up getting ‘excited’ while filming racy sex scenes with her.

Speaking with host of shopping series show, Keith Lemon,  Emily admitted all the boys usually tell her ‘Look, I’m sorry if it happens and I’m sorry if it doesn’t’ ahead of filming.

When asked by the tv host if she do feel excited and satisfied with the whole thing, the actress responded she usually fake orgasm as not to make them feel bad.

Keith quizzed her: ‘But what happens if the boy gets a happy on?’

Emily quipped back: ‘Well do you know what they say, the men, when you’re about to do a sex scene, they go, “Look, I’m sorry if it happens and I’m sorry if it doesn’t.”

They don’t want you to be offended if it doesn’t happen, because I would be f***ing livid,’ she joked.

When Keith asked her if her male co-stars usually do get a ‘happy on’, Emily hilariously admitted: ‘Yeah!’ 

Talk quickly moved on as she revealed she has ‘spent 90% of her sex life faking orgasms.’

When a shocked Keith asked her why, Emily detailed: ‘I fake it all the time because, number one, I don’t want them to feel bad.’ 


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