I can go DAYS without eating-Naomi Campbell reveals her extreme diet


Naomi Campbell is currently the biggest supermodel in the world. The supermodel has revealed how she manages to keep shape, telling Dan Wootton on Lorraine on Thursday, ‘I eat when I feel like it. It can be more than one day [that I don’t eat]’.

During her interview, the iconic model who will be turning 50 soon admitted she was ’embracing’ turning 50 and ‘can’t wait’ for her birthday celebrations.

Speaking on her diet, Naomi said: ‘It can be more than one day [that I don’t eat]. I eat when I feel like it. I don’t starve myself.

‘If I want to do a day of just not eating, I do it, and just do water or juice. In the heat sometimes I don’t, I just want to do juice, it’s too hot.’

The television personality works hard in the gym to maintain her figure, and says turning 50 doesn’t phase her.

‘I’m so embracing of it. I can’t wait… I feel good. It’s a bit odd I must say though when I’m doing a fashion show and I’m between my two friends’ daughters,’ she said.

‘But I embrace that too, I think it’s great and just think, they’re giving me a helping hand and I’ve got to run around and come back down for the finale and there’s lots of stairs and they’re like “we’ll help you” and I look up and it’s daughters of my friends.

‘I kind of feel that’s special because their mothers embraced me and helped me when I was younger, so it’s like a 360 degrees.’


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