Experts warns California of upcoming BIGGER quake within days- (Video)

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California authority have warned that there is a possibility of  the city to  be hit by another or  even more powerful earthquake within days after southern California was rocked by its worst tremor in 20 years on Thursday, experts believe.

Geologists say yesterday’s 6.4-magnitude quake is likely to produce a forceful 5.5-strength aftershock and a series of smaller tremors – and could even prompt a larger one.

In addition, officials admitted that a new Los Angeles earthquake warning app had not sent out a public alert despite the most powerful Southern California quake since 1999.

The ShakeAlert system detected the quake but did not trigger a public warning because the magnitude was less than 5.0 in Los Angeles, city bosses said.

The Fourth of July quake cracked roads, caused fires and broke power lines, although there were no serious injuries reported.




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