German Chancellor, Angela Merkel seen shaking for a THIRD time in a month (Video)


Angela Merkel , 64, German Chancellor has been seen shaking for a third time in a month as she met Finland’s visiting Prime Minister in Berlin today.

However, the 64-year-old was quick to assure the public all is well at a joint press conference with Antti Rinne, later in the afternoon.

Earlier in the day, Merkel could be seen trembling as she stood alongside Rinne, watching the military honours, and listening to the two nations’ national anthems to mark the Finnish Prime Minister’s arrival.

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As the camera pans, the 64-year-old can be seen clasping her hands momentarily, before she drops them to her side and her entire body appears to shake uncontrollably back and forth.

Addressing the media later in the day, Merkel said she was ‘working through’ her bouts of shaking that first struck in mid-June, though she insisted she was fine and that ‘just as it happened one day, so it will disappear.’.

‘This process is clearly not finished yet but there is progress and I must live with this for a while but I am very well and you don’t need to worry about me,’ she added.

‘I am convinced that I am quite capable (of doing my job).’

Merkel’s office has given no explanation for the shaking episodes, prompting speculation in German media about the cause. The chancellor, 64 and in office since 2005, has no history of serious health issues.


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