Bride bans guests from wearing pink and warning people to eat before the reception

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A bride have left internet users shocked with her extremely detailed wedding invitation  – which even outlines the four types of cookies, she will serve at the reception.

The woman describes her wedding dress as ‘blush pink with rose gold and also gave a warning that guests should not wear a ‘champagne colour or pink of any kind’ to the ceremony or risk being  sent out.

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The invitation, which was posted to the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming Facebook group, begins with the woman, thought to be American, saying she was sorry for taking ‘so long’ to send out the details.

The bride also reveals that the wedding ceremony will be filmed live on Facebook for those unable to attend.

The bride-to-be went further to asks her guests to ‘please eat something before arriving’ because the small reception will not have ‘a lot of food’.



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