Attempted military coup foiled by Sudan’s ruling military council – State TV

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An attempted military coup was foiled by Sudan’s ruling military council and no fewer than 16 officers were arrested, state-run TV reported late on Thursday.

The development comes as the governing military council and protest movement leaders were in discussions on a power sharing deal.

“Officers and soldiers from the army and National Intelligence and Security Service, some of them retired, were trying to carry out a coup,” General Jamal Omar of the ruling military council said in a statement broadcast live on state television.

“The regular forces were able to foil the attempt,” he said, but did not say when the attempt was made.

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No more details were immediately available.

The military and a pro-democracy coalition agreed last week on a joint sovereign council that will rule for three years while elections are organised.

Power-sharing agreement

Both sides say a diplomatic push by allies was key to ending a standoff that raised fears of civil war.

Sudan has been in political deadlock since the overthrow of autocratic president Omar al-Bashir in April.

The transition has been a bloody one, as pro-democracy supporters who were camped outside the military headquarters for weeks demanding a civilian-led interim administration, were brutally dispersed.

Opposition medics say more than 100 people were killed when the military’s feared Rapid Support Forces violently cleared the protest sit-in. Officials put the death toll at 62.

Under the reported deal, five seats would go to the military and five to civilians, with an additional seat given to a civilian agreed upon by both sides.

It was expected the final details of the power-sharing agreement would be announced on Thursday, but it’s unclear that will now happen.


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