Kajola accident: Osun govt promises to construct speed bumps


Remi Omowaiye the Commissioner for Works for Osun State has stated that the state government will facilitate the construction of speed bumps on the Kajola town axis of the Osogbo-Ilesa road.

Omowaiye made this known while addressing protesters on Monday at the scene of an early morning accident involving three children of the same parents who were going to school.

While acceding to the people’s request for speed bumps to be constructed on strategic parts of the road, Omowaiye, who was conducting an on-the-spot assessment of the scene, appealed for patience and more time on their part.

He noted that the speed bumps will be constructed but then it may not be instantly because the state government will have to source for asphalt and due to the fact that nobody foresaw an accident of that nature on the busy road.

He appealed to the community elders to delegate representatives who will meet with officials of the ministry so as to decide the spots where they want the speed bumps to be constructed.

The aggrieved youths of the town had demanded the immediate construction of speed bumps as part of their demands before they cease their protest and allow for free flow of traffic on the Osogbo-Ilesa road.


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