Terrorists release heart-breaking video of kidnapped daughters of former Zamfara Accountant-General


Terrorists who abducted the children of former Accountant-General of Zamfara state, Alh. Abubakar Bello Furfuri have released a video.  

Recall that bandits attacked Furfuri town in Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State around 11:00 pm on Saturday 4th of June 2022; and kidnapped 23 persons. 

The victims included Alhaji Furfuri’s two wives, three daughters and four other members of his family. 

His two wives were said to have escaped from the kidnappers afterwards. 

It was also gathered that the bandits released several family members after ramsom payment but held on to some of the girls. 

In the viral video, the girls are seen bearing firearms including LMG, Anti-Aircraft and AK49 rifle. 

In the video, the bandits threatened to turn them into criminals, who will be used to attract other targets if their parents fail to pay the ransom they demanded.

The video started with one of the terrorists telling the girls their parents “think the issue is a joke or lie,”

“We are not even after the money. We’ll just use you and increase our number of fighters or use you as new targets.” he added. 

Another one interrupted and said, “tell them if they don’t cooperate, we will keep disgracing you.”

Speaking in the video, one of the daughters, Zulaihat, pleaded with her father to use every means to gather the ransom and free them from captivity.

“My name is Zulaihat from Zamfara,” she began in an emotional voice. “Please father, if you see this video help and save us from this situation. We’re in a critical condition living here. Disregard those advising you against paying the ransom please. Please don’t allow us to add another day in this condition.

“They threatened to give us something that will make us forget you and you may never see us. Please, save us from this condition. They said they would take us away from here. They said we would show them the houses of rich people and we’ll go to schools with them (to abduct pupils). Please help and save us from this situation,” she said.

At that point, another terrorist said, “tell him (the father) that he shouldn’t cooperate if he wants you to continue in this situation.”


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