Wande Coal – Singer Responds to his Baby mama’s Child Abduction Allegations


Nigerian singer Wande Coal has dismissed the story of her Baby mama, Temitope Ogunnusi, that he abducted their child.

Temitope claimed that she was 16 years when Wande impregnated her and made her drop out of school in 2008.

She said the singer’s mom later took their child from her depriving her access to her son for eight years. The child, Joseph, is now 10 years old.
Temitope also claimed that when she broke the news of the pregnancy to Wande, he rejected it.

“Do you want to kill my career?” She said Wande asked her.

The singer was said to have denied the paternity of the baby and left the neighborhood so Temitope would not see him again.
‘All lies,’ Wande Coal responds, But Wande said the only truth in what his baby mama said is that he is Joseph’s father.

Wande Quotes;

“I want to start by saying that the only truth that has been said so far, is that the child is my son. Everything else is a lie,” the singer said in a statement issued on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

“I honestly do not want to say much because at the end of the day, this is family and Temitope is the mother of the child, but I must clarify a few things she has used to attack my character and the reputation of my family.”

“She has failed to tell the public that she did not tell me she was pregnant with my son. She married another man and claimed that the child was his and she never told me”, he added.

Wande said it was a mutual understanding between Temitope and her family that the child should live with his mom so he can have a better life.

The singer recalled, “We (my family) only knew about the child after her husband and others, including her aunty, found out the child looked like me. After we confirmed that the child was mine, my mother visited her and everyone agreed that the child needed a better environment.

wandecoal and son

“My mother took the child and her sister to our house for a week. After that week, Temitope left and has not returned since to check on the child. In 2011, my mother reached out to her and told her that she was disappointed in her.

“She promised to come visit the child. She never did. Temitope was in a “fashion school” which she left for reasons best known to her. Not because of the baby as she was married to someone else.

“My mother paid for a full session in another fashion school to make sure she had something to support herself. She stopped attending three months after she started.”

Wande added that Temitope also lied about her age when she got pregnant. He said she was 20 years old and not 16 as she had claimed.

He noted that she is free to visit her child whenever she wants, reiterating that she was never deprived access to the boy in the first place.


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