Wedding aborted after groom’s ex-wife and team stormed the venue with HIV/AIDS claims


There was drama on Saturday after a wedding ceremony was aborted when the groom’s ex-wife stormed the venue with her team of disrupters to cause commotion.

Guests and families of both the bride and the groom were seated at St Mathews ACK Church in Ruiru, Kenya when Elizabeth Wairimu, her daughter and sister entered and made themselves comfortable at the entrance of the reception room.

They soon began to create a scene by making some humiliating allegations including a claim that the groom had infected Elizabeth Wairimu with Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Having realised that people were interested in her allegations, the ex-wife raised her voice further, saying: “The reason we are here is not because we want to stop this wedding, we really do not want to stop the wedding. It has already happened. We know the constitution. He can have as many wives as he can. We just want to let the people know.”

The jilted wife’s sister also claimed that: “He killed his first wife with AIDs, he infected his son with AIDs and then he threw my sister out.”

As if the groom had learnt about what was imminent, he was suspiciously missing at the venue. It was only the bride who was reportedly watching the drama from her car through the windscreen and quickly drove off having realised that the drama was intensifying.

When journalists attempted to interview the bride regarding the claims being made by the disruptive team and to also find out the whereabouts of the groom, she declined and drove off.

The venue got even more dramatic when the guests jumped on the foods and drinks that had been prepared for the event, fed themselves after the wedding turned a fiasco


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